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The inspiration and innovation of the Perot Museum goes far beyond our walls. That’s why we’ve partnered with Dell to create the TECH Truck — a mobile discovery lab where you can Tinker, Engineer, Create and Hack right in your own neighborhood.

TECH Truck

The goal of the TECH Truck is to engage youth in hands-on, maker-based science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) experiences that foster creativity and confidence. The TECH Truck brings hands-on discovery directly to community centers programs, libraries, parks, public events, out of school programs and more — providing science-based experiences for the public.

Driving an interest in STEAM

Depending on each audience, TECH Truck experiences may involve no technology, low technology or high technology. Yet in every case, kids and caregivers share the thrill of discovery that’s so essential to fostering confidence and creativity in STEAM subjects.

How it Works

  • The TECH Truck is a mobile extension of the Perot Museum that travels throughout North and Central Texas
  • The TECH Truck is outfitted with all the materials and technologies needed for each destination
  • Programming is developed by expert educators from the Perot Museum
  • Activities are developed for different ages and audiences

Experiences may include:

  • Getting creative and innovative with basic materials
  • Solving design challenges
  • Utilizing technology to solve problems
  • Exploring 3D printing, laser cutters and other technologies
  • Using tools and supplies to create and connect

Programs formats include:

  • Walk-up activities that range from 10-20 minute experiences designed for family festivals and community programs
  • One-time drop-in sessions for creative, scientific and maker-based activities ranging from 30-60 minute experiences
  • Workshops for higher-level topics like 3D printing, design, and coding ranging from 2-3 hour experiences

Why it Works

  • Hands-on experience with STEAM topics gives kids the confidence to keep exploring
  • On-site activities introduce technology and digital literacy in accessible ways
  • Take-home activities encourage parents and caregivers to keep their children’s curiosity alive
  • We’re always learning, too — conducting ongoing research and adjusting our topics, methodologies and technologies to deliver the greatest impact

How to Reserve

Want to bring the TECH Truck to your school, neighborhood or event? Drop us a note and one of our awesome educators will get back with you on how to book a TECH Truck experience!