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Upcoming Homeschool Family Science Day Events

Force, Motion, and Energy

Tuesday, April 3, 2018 | 10am-11am Lab Program (Feel free to enjoy the exhibits after your program.)
Members: $13 per youth, $6 per adult or senior
Non-members: $16 per youth, $11 per adult or senior

Experience the effects physics has on your body and everything around you through fun, hands-on experiments including catapults, magnets, LEGO®, robots, amusement park rides, and more! Homeschool Family Science Day allows parents and students to explore the Perot Museum’s 11 permanent exhibit halls, and exercise their brains through interactive experiments and activities.

Children must be accompanied by an adult over 21 that must remain with child/children at all times.

PK-K and 1st- 2nd Grade
Physics Fun: Discover the exciting world of physics and engineering with this hands-on program. Explore the wonders of force, motion, and energy by interacting with magnets, LEGO® kits, robots, and more!

3rd- 4th and 5th- 6th Grade
Catapult Science: Explore force, motion, and energy by using catapults simulating the three classes of levers, then follow the steps of the scientific method to determine which class of levers launches a ball farthest.

7th-12th Grade
Amusement Park Physics: In this station-based program, learn how physics plays a role in your favorite amusement park rides. Activities will explore topics such as potential and kinetic energy, Newton’s laws of motion, and conservation of energy.