Upcoming Home School Family Science Day Events

Fuel Up! Renewable Energies


January 9, 2018, 10am-1pm

This engaging, hands-on program features stations set up throughout the Museum's exhibit halls. Activities focus on family learning and are an exciting way to explore alternative energy, understand the carbon cycle, investigate the microscopic world of plants with a digital microscope, and discover the abundant energy around us. 

Stations will include:

World of Energy
Explore forms of energy around us, including thermal and mechanical. Activities and demonstrations at this station include handling a cloud in bubble and observing a stunning display of convection, which are both effects of the sun’s thermal energy.     

Make a Molecule
This craft-based station allows participants to create a molecule that plays a role in the carbon cycle and is influential in the energy humans use.

Microscopic Marvels
Use microscopes to discover tiny universes around us. The focus is on plant and algal cells, which are common sources used to make biofuels. 

Plant Cell Operation
Plants have specialized cells in order to perform certain functions for the survival of the plant. Some of these cell are not functioning properly. Learn what the different organelles in a plant cell do in this fun and educational game of “Plant Cell Operation”!

Plant's Path to Biofuel
Investigate how a corn plant and algae can be converted into a burnable energy source.

Biofuel Testing Station
Use a refractometer to measure which common household liquid contains the most sugar — a molecule that can be converted into fuel.

Storing Energy — Batteries
In this station, students will explore arranging batteries and wires to power a light bulb, and go inside to learn how a battery works by using potatoes or apples to power a simple clock.

Children must be accompanied by an adult over 21 that must remain with child/children during Home School Day.

For more information about Home School Family Science Day, please call 214.428.5555, ext. 8 or email us at reserve@perotmuseum.org.