Friday, October 20, 7-11pm

Prepare for takeoff and get ready for a night of space exploration and constellation investigation in celebration of our traveling exhibition, Journey to Space. Engage with an astrophysicist and even chat with some astronomers throughout the night. Create your own cosmic creations and explore the mysteries of space as we travel throughout our galaxy andsolar system.


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Riveron Consulting

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Old Forester
Please drink responsibly.

Activities will include

Featured Talks
The Hoglund Foundation Theater, a National Geographic Experience

7:45pm | Archaeoastronomy: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)
Dr. Doug Ingram, TCU Department of Physics and Astronomy
Join Dr. Doug Ingram as he ventures into archaeoastronomy and provides a strictly scientific perspective of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence in our universe and beyond.

8:15pm | Galaxy Clusters: Giant Cosmic Labs for Studying Dark Matter and Super-hot Plasmas
Dr. Lindsay King, Associate Professor of Physics of UT Dallas
Galaxy clusters, the most massive bound structures in the Universe, are mostly composed of dark matter and hot, X-ray-emitting plasma. How do we map and study their dark matter? How and when did clusters form, and what can that tell us about the universe's gravity and the even more mysterious dark energy? Join Dr. Lindsay King to find out!

9:15pm | Why is the Expansion of the Universe Accelerating?
Dr. Mustapha Ishak, Associate Professor of Physics at UT Dallas
Cosmic acceleration and the questions associated with it are at the heart of one of the most challenging and puzzling problems in cosmology and physics. What is the cause of this acceleration? Join Dr. Mustapha Ishak as he discusses multiple possibilities, as well as his own research on the subject.


Wolfgang Puck Gastropub
7–10:30pm │ Café
No need to eat before you come; enjoy a unique gourmet dinner or just a bite, and even a cold pint in our gastropub!

Wolfgang Puck Bars, Featuring Signature Cocktail: Galactic Whiskey featuring Woodford Reserve
7–10:30pm │ Café, Plaza, Lower Level Landing, Lobby, Level 3 Rees-Jones Foundation Dynamic Earth Hall, Level 4 T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now Hall
Enjoy a signature cocktail or other beverage of choice at one of our Wolfgang Puck bars throughout the Museum.

Perot Museum Store
7–11pm │ Atrium
Pick up a memento to remember your scientifically perfect night at the Museum.

Bottoms Up Bar
7–10:30pm │ Lobby
Watch your beer be filled from the bottom up!

Games on the Plaza
7–11pm │ Plaza
Grab a drink and a bite to eat, and enjoy playing a board game or two on the plaza.

Crater Drop
7–11pm | Plaza
Explore images of craters on the moon and experiment with creating craters in sand.

Straw Rockets
7–11pm | Plaza
Make your own flying, air-powered rocket out of simple materials.

Telescope Viewings with TAS (Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas)
7–11pm | Plaza
View the night sky and learn how to properly use telescopes with members from TAS.

Solar System Mapping Scale
7–11pm | Plaza
Explore relative distances of the planets to the sun using your friends as the planets.

Photo Booth
7–11pm │ Plaza and Lobby
Pose for a picture to document all the fun you are having at Social Science! Tag your photos #SocialScience

DJ Richy
7–11pm | Lobby
Sip on a signature cocktail and dance the night away to the beats of beats of DJ Richy from Radio DJs.

Alien Eye Headbands
7–11pm | Lobby
Make your own alien eye headband and become a creature from another planet!

Community Lunar Settlement
7–11pm | Lobby
Join in our community project by adding to the lunar settlement!

Rover Obstacle Course Challenge
7–10pm | Level 2 Landing
Can you drive the rover through the obstacle course?

Space Under the Microscope
7–10pm | Level 2, Being Human Hall
Take an up-close look at images of stars and other phenomena in our galaxy and beyond.

Space Activities with the TECH Truck
7–10pm | Level 2, Activity Station
Take an up-close look at images of stars and other phenomena in our galaxy and beyond.

Vacuum Chamber Demonstrations
7–10pm | Level 2, TI Engineering and Innovation Hall
Space is a vacuum — and not the kind you have at home! Come partake in live demonstrations on how the vacuum of space affects different materials and discover how and why spacesuits protect astronauts in this extreme environment.

Galaxy Spin Art
7–10pm | Level 3 Landing
Create your own galaxy using our spin art machines.

Woodford Reserve Tasting Station
7–10:30pm | Level 3, Lyda Hill Gems and Minerals Hall
Visit the Woodford Reserve tasting station to enjoy a sample and learn about the iconic brand.

Constellation Creations7–10pm | Level 3, Tom Hunt Energy Hall
Explore common constellations and stars and create your own constellation.

Space Challenges
7–10pm | Level 4 Landing
Can you do these simple tasks wearing astronaut gloves? How about with robotic arms?

Air Force Reserve Space Mission

7–10pm | Level 4, Landing
Engage with members from the Air Force Reserve and explore how their units operate satellites and imagery for everyday use.

Planetary Age and Weight
7–10pm | Level 4, T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now Hall
Ever wonder what you would weigh on another planet? Or how old you would be? Use the NASA website to find out!

NASA Technology
7–10pm | Level 4, T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now Hall
Check out some of the weirdest consumer products you never knew contained ingredients based on NASA technology!

Frontiers of Flight’s Space Portal Odyssey Capsule (SPOC)
7:30pm, 8pm, 8:30pm, 9pm, 9:30pm, 10pm, 10:30pm | Lower Level Landing
Fly through the galaxy and beyond in this amazing immersive planetarium experience.
Space is limited. Groups of 20 at a time. Guests may only participate once throughout the evening.

Out of this World Atmosphere Handkerchiefs with Oil and Cotton
7–10pm | Lower Level Landing
Transform a white handkerchief into a swirling atmosphere of vibrant color through the ancient technique of marbling, creating a unique pattern of gaseous planet atmospheres and liquid smoke with guest artists from Oil and Cotton.

Ice Orbs
7–10pm | Lower Level Landing
Ocean worlds may be the best places to discover life beyond Earth. Learn how astrobiologists plan to study these planets, and even dissect an ocean world yourself.

Woodford Reserve Lab
7:15pm, 8:15pm, 9:15pm | Lower Level Learning Lab
Explore the flavors of Woodford Reserve.

Take part in live science demonstrations throughout the Museum.

Explore the Perot Museum in a child-free environment. 

Plus signature drinks by Wolfgang Puck, eclectic food, live science and more!

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