Conundrum - SOLD OUT

Friday, August 4, 7-11pm

Pricing: $25/nonmembers, $15/members

Who stole the ancient Maya artifact? Join our Museum-wide mystery in celebration of our traveling exhibition, Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed. Speak with multiple suspects throughout the night and use deductive reasoning to determine who stole the ancient relic. Explore the Maya culture and be marveled by their amazing architecture as you solve the mystery.

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Riveron Consulting

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Jack Daniel's Family of Fine Whiskeys
Please drink responsibly.
Take part in live science demonstrations throughout the Museum and explore the Perot Museum in a child-free environment. 

Scheduled Activities

Featured Talks
The Hoglund Foundation Theater, A National Geographic Experience

7:30pm | Forensic Science
Candace Schoppe, MD, Medical Examiner, Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office 
Forensic science is the objective and unbiased application of scientific principles and technologies to the field of law. While television and media coverage have brought forensics to the public’s attention over the past several decades, modern forensic science dates back over a century. Join Medical Examiner Candace Schoppe as she discusses the history of forensic science and its major modern disciplines.

8:15pm | Community Archaeology in Mexico
Andrew Montgomery, Professional Development Coordinator at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science
Join archaeology expert Andrew Montgomery as he discusses his recent experience of participating in an archaeological dig in Mexico, as well as the rewards and challenges associated with living in a rural village in the Yucatan, and collaborating with the local indigenous community.

9pm | Forensic Botany: The Hidden World of Crime-Fighting Plants
Barney Lipscomb, Leonhardt Chair of Texas Botany at the Botanical Research Institute of Texas
Waltz with flowers into the hidden world of forensic botany. Explore the secret life of plants, discuss botanical evidence and expertise used in forensic botany, and examine local criminal cases where the forgotten world of plants played a role in solving the crime.

Live Performances

Grupo Pakal: Maya Performing Arts Dance Ceremonies
7:30pm, 8:30pm, 9:30pm | Plaza
Be mesmerized by these festive dance ceremonies to native music, which tell the fascinating history and culture of the Maya Empire, performed by members of the local performing group Grupo Pakal.

Ongoing Activities

Mystery: Who Stole the Stone of Desire?
7-11pm | Throughout the Museum
Can you crack the case? Follow the clues, do the experiments, speak to the suspects, and solve the crime. Find out who stole the Stone of Desire!

Pick Up the Case Files
7–11pm | Atrium
Grab the documents needed to direct you throughout the Museum to find out who stole the Stone of Desire.

Speak with the Suspects
7–11pm | Throughout the Museum
Read the case files on each suspect and engage with them throughout the Museum to find out what they know.

Blood Typing
7–11pm | Level 2 Landing and Being Human Hall
Whose blood type matches the sample found at the crime scene?

Hair Analysis
7–11pm | TI Engineering and Innovation Hall
Can you determine who was near the crime scene by figuring out who the hair sample belongs to?

Document Analysis
7–11pm| Level 3 Landing and Tom Hunt Energy Hall
Determine whose handwriting is on the document that was found next to the empty display case.

Fingerprint Identification
7–11pm | Level 4 Landing
Look at the fingerprint collected at the murder scene. Can you identify what type of fingerprint it is?

Solve the Crime
7–11pm | Lobby
Do you know who the thief is? Make a guess and see if you’re correct and learn what their motive was!

Level 1

Wolfgang Puck Gastropub
7–10:30pm │ Café
No need to eat before you come; enjoy a unique gourmet dinner or just a bite, and even a cold pint in our gastropub!

Wolfgang Puck Bars, Featuring Signature Cocktail: The Lemonade Enigma featuring Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey
7–10:30pm │ Café, Plaza, Lower Level Landing, Lobby, Level 3 Rees-Jones Foundation Dynamic Earth Hall, Level 4 T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now Hall
Enjoy a signature cocktail or other beverage of choice at one of our Wolfgang Puck bars throughout the Museum.

Perot Museum Store
7–11pm │ Atrium
Pick up a memento to remember your scientifically perfect night at the Museum.

Bottoms Up Bar
7–10:30pm │ Lobby
Watch your beer be filled from the bottom up!

Games on the Plaza
7–11pm │ Plaza
Grab a drink and a bite to eat, and enjoy playing a board game or two on the plaza.

Giant Games
7–11pm │ Plaza
Don’t be puzzled by the giant Jenga, giant Cornhole, or giant Connect 4 games! Feel free to play a game or two and have some fun on the Plaza.

Photo Booth
7–11pm │ Lobby
Pose for a picture to document all the fun you are having at Social Science! Tag your photos #SocialScience

DJ Bradford
7–11pm | Lobby
Sip on a signature cocktail and dance the night away to the beats of beats of DJ Bradford.

Community Maya Coloring
7–11pm | Lobby
Join in on our community art project by adding your mark to our giant, Maya-themed graphic.

Level 2

Maya Name Creator
7–10pm | Level 2, TI Engineering and Innovation Hall
Create a unique Maya name from actual Maya glyphs, and learn about this ancient language.

Maya Architecture
7–10pm | Level 2, TI Engineering and Innovation Hall
Learn about Maya architecture and use blocks to create corbel arches, pyramids, and more. 

Level 3

Jack Daniel’s Tasting Station
7–10:30pm | Level 3, Lyda Hill Gems and Minerals Hall
Visit the Jack Daniel’s tasting station to enjoy a sample and learn about the iconic brand.
Tickets for a sample will be handed out upon check-in. One sample per person.

Level 4

Dallas Police Department: Crime Scene Unit
7–10pm | Level 4 Landing
Learn about life on the Crime Scene Unit with members from the Dallas Police Department.

Fingerprint Patterns
7–10pm | Level 4, T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now Hall
Look at your own fingerprint and figure out what pattern you have.

Geometric Puzzles
7–10pm | Level 4, T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now Hall
Can you put these puzzles together using deductive reasoning like an archaeologist?  

Lower Level

Spot It! Escape Room
7–11pm | Lower Level Landing
Work together to solve the clues and escape the room the fastest!
Space is limited. Groups of 10 at a time. Guests may only participate once throughout the evening.

Handwriting Analysts
7–11pm | Lower Level Landing
Wonder what your handwriting says about you? Speak with one of our handwriting analysts and find out!.

Tierra Firme: Azul Maya with Oil and Cotton
7–10pm | Lower Level Landing
Participate in a hands-on exploration of the hidden worlds of Maya aesthetics and color traditions! Learn to dye with indigo, and uncover patterns inspired by Maya hieroglyphics with guest artists from Oil and Cotton.

Jack Daniel’s Lab
7:15, 8:15, 9:15pm | Lower Level Learning Lab
Explore the flavors of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey.
Space is limited. Guests may only participate in the workshop one time throughout the evening.