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Virtual TECH Truck

The inspiration and innovation of the Perot Museum goes far beyond our walls. We'll bring the science to you with our TECH trucks and on-your-campus programs, so you can learn in your own school or neighborhood.

TECH Truck Virtual Programs

Learn through making and experimentation through our series of project-based sessions designed to explore a variety of STEAM-related topics. Virtual programs are available in both live and prerecorded formats. Sessions are approximately 40 minutes in length and can accommodate 30 students.

Recommended Grade Levels: 3rd-8th (can be tailored to meet the needs of your audience)

Engineering Challenge

Choose from a variety of exciting projects to match your students’ age and experience levels as they design, build, and test through the engineering process. These challenges encourage participants to exercise their creativity and problem-solving skills as they examine concepts such as force, motion, and more. Options are available for students to utilize at-home materials or kits provided by the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

TECH Matters

Take a deep-dive into a selection of technology-related topics such as coding, robotics, electronics, 3D design, and more. These sessions are designed to make technology fun and accessible to participants and to foster foundational skills for future STEAM careers. No prior experience is needed and whenever possible, we employ free and open-source software that is readily available.


Questions and additional information can be provided by contacting Karin Foronda at Karin.foronda@perotmuseum.org

TECH Truck Multiple Visit Virtual Programs

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science TECH Truck seeks partner organizations to participate in a multi-visit program designed to engage students in hands-on, interactive, STEAM-based activities in order to foster creativity, problem solving, design thinking, and other 21st century skills. This program will provide free educational content and project materials to students and is designed to reach communities in areas of greatest need. By engaging the same students during each visit, we hope to assess each participant’s interest and confidence in STEM over the course of the program.



  • Attendance: Fifty students per session
  • Grade Levels: 3rd-6th
  • Time Frame: 40-60 min. virtual session
  • Platform: Zoom or school’s platform
  • Frequency: 6-8 total sessions, offered one to two times a month
  • Curriculum: The program will include sessions based on the following subjects: engineering; robotics and electronics; coding and digital design & new technology
  • Materials: The Perot TECH Truck will drop off necessary materials to the partner organization for distribution to participants before each session, such as pre-visit documentation and project supplies. Students will need to also provide materials from home on an as-needed basis.

As part of their participation in this program, partner organizations are expected to provide a staff contact to communicate with both the Museum and student participants, schedule materials drop-offs and assist with moderating each of the virtual sessions. The organization will also secure the commitment from the participating students for the length of the program.

Questions and additional information can be provided by contacting Karin Foronda at Karin.foronda@perotmuseum.org

TECH Truck Experiences May Include
  • Getting creative and innovative with basic materials
  • Solving design challenges
  • Utilizing technology to solve problems
  • Exploring 3D printing, laser cutters, and other technologies
  • Using tools and supplies to create and connect
Program Formats
  • Walk-up activities that range from 10-20-minute experiences designed for family festivals and community programs
  • One-time drop-in sessions for creative, scientific, and maker-based activities ranging from 30-60-minute experiences
  • Workshops for higher-level topics like 3D printing, design, and coding ranging from 2-3-hour experiences
Why it Works
  • Hands-on experience with STEAM topics gives kids the confidence to keep exploring
  • On-site activities introduce technology and digital literacy in accessible ways
  • Take-home activities encourage parents and caregivers to keep their children’s curiosity alive
  • We’re always learning, too — conducting ongoing research and adjusting our topics, methodologies, and technologies to deliver the greatest impact

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