Maker Lab

Students can expand their creativity through hands-on stations from the following topics: robotics, electronics & circuitry, engineering, coding, nature & life sciences, and 3D design! (Should be rephrased/expanded on so it’s not identical to previous copy)

Engineering Ninja Warriors

Test your Maker mettle by competing in teams to complete a series of exciting engineering challenges (crash test cars, bridge building, rocket making, wind car racing) designed to unleash your skills of creativity and cooperation. See if your team can finish all four challenges with the best score to claim the prize of Ultimate Engineering Ninjas.

Circuit Tech-athalon
Circuits are the name of the game as you strive to complete a set of electrifying projects. Build virtual and analog inventions using SAM Labs Maker kits and LittleBits, design outrageous music controllers with Makey Makey, create simple robots to race and battle using recycled materials, and more!