Two children and their mother work on a science activity

Homeschool Family Science Days

Dissection Lab

Mon, Nov 4 at 10am

What do a flower (PK-K), owl pellet (1st-2nd), eye (3rd- 4th), heart (5th-6th) and brain (7th-12th) have in common? They can all be dissected! We will be dissecting and examining these specimens to determine their structure and function. Attendees will work in groups as assigned by the museum educator.

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1st–2nd Grade

3rd–4th Grade

5th–6th Grade

7th–12th Grade

 *Note for families: Please register your child depending on grade level. All labs will take place in the lower level learning lab wing of the Museum. Adults are required to stay with their child during the lab.


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    Children and Teens

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    Lower Level

  • Brain Juice Focus


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    $13 per member youth
    $6 per member adult/senior
    $16 per nonmember youth
    $11 per nonmember adult/senior