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The Perot Museum is proud to serve as the North Texas affiliate of FIRST LEGO® League — a regional engineering competition that challenges students to use their creativity and technical knowledge to create robots designed to solve real-life problems.

2017-2018 Qualifier Registration is now open!

The 2017–2018 Challenge, HYDRO DYNAMICS, was released August 29, 2017. Check out the Challenge and Challenge Guide for everything you need to know! You can see the Field Setup Guide and overhead map photos here

2017–2018 FLL Challenge: Hydro Dynamics

On your mark, get set, flow! Drink in the 2017/2018 HYDRO DYNAMICS season and learn all about water – how we find, transport, use, or dispose of it. In the 2017/2018 FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge, students age 9 to 16* from 80 countries will make a splash with HYDRO DYNAMICS. What might become possible when we understand what happens to our water?

Official FLL Events


Look for new updates to be listed soon.

2017–2018 FLL-Related Upcoming Events

STEAM WORKS Gearing up Students for FLL Jr. and FLL Championship

November 4, 2017, December 2, 2017, January 6, 2018, February 3, 2018, March 3, 2018
10am-noon every Saturday for 3 months
Steam Works Studio Irving

This program is $179 per month.

STEAM WORKS team embraces Robotics challenges, we have well experienced and professional staff to teach and train kids aspiring towards FLL championship, providing all required equipment including LEGO kits, laptops, stationary & other material including a t-shirt.

Our coaches would help kids in different areas like design, programming, core values, basic engineering concepts & technology updates. Email or call 972.746.4493.


Grand Saline Middle School Scrimmage

November 11, 2017 & November 18, 2017
Grand Saline Middle School

The entry fee is $25 per team.

Limited to 20-24 teams. The GSMS scrimmages include robot game AND judging sessions to simulate a real qualifier.

Rookie teams (teams that are totally new to FLL or made of a majority of members new to FLL) are highly encouraged to sign up and will be given space priority. Rookie teams, who would normally be unprepared and face higher rates of 1st round elimination, excelled in 1st and 2nd round contests. Several made it to the Championship in February as well. Knowing what to expect when you are new to FLL, will greatly benefit your team in real competitions. We at GS Robotics are pleased to provide this learning opportunity to the North Texas FLL region again this year.

Teams will participate in three to four rounds of robot game, core values judging, and robot design judging. Project judging entry will be offered to teams that want to participate. Teams will be contacted prior to the scrimmage to sign up for project judging. Core value boards and robot design summaries will be evaluated in those judging areas, if ready. They are not required for the scrimmage, but teams are highly encouraged to have them ready. They are required for official events this year in our region.

Once the number of team entries have been reached, a wait list will become active on the registration site.

This is also a great opportunity for judge and referee training. If you are interested in volunteering as a worker, judge, referee, or want to come to be trained as a judge/referee contact directly. These scrimmages are ideal for on the job judge and referee training. If you have ever wanted to train to be a judge/referee or want a refresher, you are highly encouraged to come. Again, email Michael Young training materials and details on how these events can certify you for judging/refereeing regional events. We need more coaches in the region to be willing to do this. Plus, it benefits your teams through the knowledge gained.

FLYSET Scrimmage

November 19, 2017
QD Academy and affiliated FTC teams 12810 (QuantumX) and 8565 (TechnicBots) are hosting an FLL scrimmage for local FLL teams to test out their robots on playing fields and get hyped for the upcoming FLL qualifiers. The aim of this event is to give FLL teams a taste of what a competition is like and give them a chance to learn from other teams.

The scrimmage will consist of Robot Games only and each team will participate in a minimum of 3 matches. Due to resource limits, a maximum of 16 teams will be allowed to participate in the scrimmage. Sign-up is first come, first served.

Competition fields and mission models will be supplied. We greatly appreciate FLL team 31485 (Lego Maniacs) and FLL team 31452 (Terminator) for providing the competition mission models. Teams CAN bring their own fields and/or models in their pit area in addition to their robot kits and their laptops, but space is very limited. One charging station will be setup to charge the robots and laptops (not cellphones).

All teams should also bring printed team roster page to confirm team members’ online waiver status.

Light Concessions (soda, chips, candy, water etc.) will be available for purchase. Cash only. Please do not eat in the the gym.



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