Come interact with science through the exploration of our 11 exhibit halls, covering everything from biodiversity to the wonders of space! Add on one of our many educational programs to take your visit to the next level.

All programming is available starting September 20, 2021.

The Museum requires a ratio of 1:7 teachers/chaperones to students. Due to space limitations, extra adults are not permitted in the classroom lab programs.

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Included with Admission

You at the Perot admission is $6 per student; required chaperones are free; and additional adults can join for $6 each. The following exhibits are included with admission:

Exhibit Halls

With 11 state-of-the-art permanent exhibit halls to explore, there’s no shortage of amaze-your-brain moments waiting to spark student interest in STEM subjects and careers.


ChallENGe Lab

Test your skills in the ChallENGe lab. Our TECH-tastic educators have hands-on activities that will surely engage you. From circuits to 3D printing, there’s a STEAM activity for everyone. Available on a first-come, first-served basis. STEAM activities are designed for ages 5 and older.

Located in Texas Instruments Engineering and Innovation Hall.

Bio Lab

Grab your lab coat and drop into the Bio Lab. This is a hands-on experience where visitors have the opportunity to use lab equipment and explore biology topics. Experiments are designed for guests ages 8 and older. Available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Located in Being Human Hall. Presented by Children’s Health.

Children’s Museum

Your little scientists (PreK & K) will be able to roam, play and discover a world on their scale. Include the Children’s Museum on your request form and our team will work to reserve a 30-minute time slot for your group to visit this area.

Located in Moody Family Children’s Museum on the Lower Level.

The experiences below — Hands-On Labs, Maker Lab, Science Demos, and our Special Exhibition — can be added on to your visit.

Hands-on Labs

45 minutes | Up to 30 students | $6-12 per student, dependent on Lab | Free for required chaperones
Explore content through a hands-on learning experience. Each lab aligns not only with TEKS, but with museum exhibits as well. If you have more students in attendance than will fit in a Lab, we can book you into up to four Labs per day.

Early Childhood (Grades K-2)

Dig those Dinos
$6 per student
Discover fossils, follow dinosaur tracks and piece together prehistoric clues in this station-based program.
TEKS:  Earth and space

Grades 3-5

What’s the Matter?
$6 per student
Students will explore the fundamentals of chemistry including physical properties of matter, mixtures and solutions and exciting chemical reactions. This lab also uses basic equipment while emphasizing laboratory safety.
TEKS: Matter and Energy 5.5B, 5.5C

Adapt to Survive
$6 per student
Ever wonder how snakes swallow their prey whole or how beavers cut down trees? Students will discover the answers while observing taxidermy specimens, skulls and pelts to help understand how animals physically and behaviorally adapt to survive, and thrive, in their habitats.
TEKS: Organisms and Environments 3.10A, 4.10A, 5.10A

Air and Weather
$6 per student
Explore air, weather patterns and the influence of the Sun on the water cycle.
TEKS: Earth and Space 4.8B, 5.8B

Electrical Exploration
$6 per student
Students will explore electrical circuits, learn about coding and interact with simple robots.
TEKS: Force, motion, and energy  5.6B

LEGO™ Simple Machine Challenge
$6 per student
Students will learn how simple machines work, where they are found in our everyday life and use LEGO™ bricks to design and test a catapult.
TEKS: Force, motion, and energy  3.6B

Grades 9-12

Amusement Park Physics
$6 per student
Students will learn how physics plays a role in our favorite amusement park rides as they examine a variety of forces in action, collect and graph data, explore Newton’s laws and investigate conservation of energy.
TEKS: Physics P.4D, P.6D

Brain Power
$12 per student
Gain insight on basic brain anatomy and function through a guided dissection of a sheep’s brain.  Working in pairs, students will uncover how the brain controls all our bodily functions and how a sheep’s brain compares to a human’s.
TEKS: Biology AP.5B, AP.1B

Eye See You
$7 per student
Students will work in pairs in this guided dissection to gain a better understanding of vision by exploring the basic structures of a cow’s eye, how the parts work together and its connection to the brain.
TEKS: Biology. AP.6C, AP.1B

Not for the Faint of Heart
$7 per student
Students will work in pairs in this guided sheep’s heart dissection to learn about the structure and function of a mammal’s heart as well as how oxygen, nutrients and hormones are transported throughout the body.
TEKS: Biology AP.6D, AP.1B

Maker Lab

45 minutes | Up to 30 students | $7 per student | Free for required chaperones
Students can expand their creativity through hands-on stations, covering:

  • Electronics and Circuitry
  • Robotics
  • Art
  • 3D Design
  • Engineering
  • Coding

Here is a full list of these activities with descriptions and TEKS alignments.

If you have more students in attendance than will fit in a Lab, we can book you into up to four Labs per day.

Science Demos

45 minutes | $6 per student | Free for required chaperones; $6 per extra adult
These demonstrations are facilitated by our team of educators. They are designed to engage large groups through an interactive experience. If you have more students in attendance than will fit in a Demo, we can book you into up to four Demos per day. Demo availability varies by day of week.

Fire and Ice (Grades PreK–5)
Up to 175 students | Mondays
This explosive show presents matter and energy in a unique way. Students will see firsthand how matter changes when we add and remove extreme amounts of heat. We cover states of matter, physical and chemical changes of matter, and more!

Superhero Science (Grades PreK–5)
Up to 175 students | Fridays
It’s a bird, it’s a plane – no, it’s Superhero Science! Students will discover the science behind our favorite superheroes and their amazing powers. They will explore topics such as forms of energy, magnetism, and properties of light.

Circuit Tech-athalon (Grades 6–8)
Up to 90 students | Thursdays
Circuits are the name of the game as you strive to complete a set of electrifying projects. Build virtual and analog inventions using LittleBits, design outrageous circuit controllers with Makey Makey®, create simple robots to race and battle using recycled materials, and more!

Engineering Ninja Warriors (Grades 9–12)
Up to 90 students | Wednesdays
Test your Maker mettle by competing in teams to complete a series of exciting engineering challenges (crash test cars, bridge building, rocket making, wind car racing) designed to unleash your skills of creativity and cooperation. See if your team can finish all four challenges with the best score to claim the prize of Ultimate Engineering Ninjas.

3D Films

Approximately 20 minutes | $6 per student | $6 per chaperone
The Museum’s cutting-edge theater features brilliant 4K digital projection, immersive surround sound, and incredible RealD 3D capabilities that come together to create an unmatched theater experience in both 2D and 3D formats.

Capacity is currently limited to 200 and may be lower, depending on the showing.

Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia
Meet the largest living animals to have ever walked the Earth: the titanesque plant-eating Argentinosaur, and its nemesis, the Giganotosaur, a bipedal carnivore, that could easily challenge the famous T-Rex! Deeply rooted in science, the film carries the audience back in time to witness these amazing beasts come to life.

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Hidden Pacific

Profiling the Pacific Ocean’s protected and remote national wildlife refuge islands and marine national monument, the breathtaking footage of faraway islands will leave viewers with a deep-felt appreciation for these extraordinary places and the beauty of nature left untouched by civilization. The places featured won’t be protected until the public sees the beauty, understands the significance, and gets motivated by this remarkable story.

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Journey to Space
Journey to Space 3D will both inspire a new generation of young people to dream of new horizons in space, and engender a new appreciation for the accomplishments of the Space Shuttle Program among an older generation who came to take it for granted. Through extensive interviews, brilliant narration, and stunning 3D, discover the foundation behind the next giant leaps being taken into space.



Special Exhibition

60 minutes
Visit our special temporary exhibition (if applicable to your visit date).

Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks
Presented by Highland Capital Philanthropies

$5 per student/chaperone | September 24, 2021–April 24, 2022
Towers of Tomorrow is a highly engaging and interactive experience that allows guests to get a close look at the ingenuity of the world’s most iconic skyscrapers. More details here!

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