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If our mission, vision and values resonate with you, come join our team and help us inspire minds!

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About Our Application Process

We collect applications through a web portal called Dayforce. To use it, you must create a Dayforce account, which is different from your normal Perot Museum account (if you have one).

When you first apply for a position, you’ll be asked to create an account. If you already have one from a previous application, click the “Login” link at the bottom. From there, you can recover your password if you have forgotten it.

About Our Culture

Our Mission

To inspire minds through nature and science.

Our Vision

Be an extraordinary resource and catalyst for science education through innovative, highly accessible experiences that broaden our understanding of the world and improve community achievement.

Our Values: F I I R S T

  • Flexibility
    Work is just one aspect of life. People must be able to attend to all aspects of life in order to be completely effective at work.
  • Integrity
    Say what we mean; mean what we say. Make and keep commitments with sincerity. Do the right thing.
  • Innovation and Creativity
    Encourage curiosity and novel ideas from everyone. Explore new ways of doing things. Ask questions like “why” and “why not” without fear.
  • Respect
    Treat all others with dignity and common courtesy. Listen. Encourage different points of view. Recognize contributions, large and small.
  • Stewardship and Accountability
    Be responsible custodians of our precious resources: people, collections, funding and time. Fix problems; don’t blame. Demonstrate proactive leadership. Make a positive difference in everything we do.
  • Trust
    We are bound together by our mission. We trust that all colleagues are working to achieve our mission in any undertaking or decision. We earn the trust of our communities and constituents by providing timely, high-quality, accurate information.