FREE Solar Eclipse Party

August 21, Noon–2pm

Join us for FREE activities on the Plaza from noon–2pm and experience the much-anticipated solar eclipse!

On August 21, the United States will experience a total solar eclipse. A total solar eclipse happens when the moon completely covers the sun. We are not in the path of totality, so we will only experience a partial eclipse. But don’t let that stop you from coming out to party with us! We will be having out-of-this-world space activities, learning about solar eclipses, passing out free, protective, solar eclipse glasses begining at noon, and viewing a live feed of the solar eclipse in totality. Feel free to dress up, as sun or space-related costumes are encouraged! General admission to our permanent exhibits is not included, but will be available for purchase.

Don't worry about missing lunch; our Café will be open for business serving eclipse-themed items such Moon Pies and Eclipse Burgers, as well as other delicious snacks and beverages. 


  • Live Solar Eclipse Feed
    See the solar eclipse in totality as we watch a live feed from NASA.
  • Solar Eclipse Glasses
    Just because we can’t see the solar eclipse in totality doesn’t mean we don’t need to wear protective eyewear! Pick up your solar eclipse glasses and learn how and why you must protect your eyes during a solar eclipse.
  • Solar Eclipse
    Learn how and why solar eclipses occur.
  • Big Sun Small Moon
    Figure out why the sun and the moon appear to be the same size in the sky.
  • Orbiting Objects
    Explore how the forces of gravity influence everything with mass in space.
  • Pocket Solar System
    Create a scale model of our solar system and explore how vast the distances are between the planets.
  • Pinhole Cameras with the TECH Truck
    Learn all about pinhole cameras with the Perot Museum TECH Truck.
  • Universe Discovery Cart
    Join a Perot Museum educator and learn about meteorites, how to use a sun spotter, and explore the planets of our solar system.
  • Community Coloring
    Grab some crayons and color the solar system in your own unique way!
  • Stomp Rockets
    Shoot your own rocket into orbit! Make a rocket out of everyday materials and shoot it off our rocket launchers.
  • DJ Mike Morse
    Dance to the out-of-this-world beats provided by Radio DJ’s Mike Morse.
  • Photo Booth
    Remember this day forever by taking a picture with your friends at the photo booth!

Caution: When viewing the eclipse, always wear proper solar eclipse viewing glasses. Looking directly at the sun without the glasses can cause damage to your vision.