Exhibition Highlights

Boardercross: Snowboarding Experience

Jump onto a pivoting snowboard, angle your board and fly over obstacles while racing friends and other guests to the finish line.

Ramp It Up: Build Your Skateboard with POP

Design your own skateboard that performs the best tricks. Determine the shape and length of your board and choose the perfect wheel size then test your skateboard's ability to perform an Ollie.

Style Revolution: 360-degree Photo Shoot

Strike a pose! Step onto a photo stage and have your image captured in 360 degrees, using the same freeze-motion technique made famous in modern action movies. 

Pedal to the Peak: Mountain Bike Challenge

Jump on a stationary bike and compete in a mountain bike race. As you pedal, try to match shaded areas on two combined graphs to gain maxium points.

Get a Grip: Rock Climbing

Test your climbing abilities with a horizontal climb around a rock wall. Measure your height and arm span on this hands-on exhibit.

Game Developer

Race against the clock to develop and program your very own game with a 3D model.

Supertall: Skyscraper Design Studio

Design your own 'supertall' skyscraper by making several decisions about the building's function, structure and design. If your structure passes the test, it will be 'built' with simulated time-lapse photography.

Mix It Up: Giant Musical Instrument

Explore the relationship between rhythm and math by adding or subtracting musical elements on a giant super-instrument.

On Target: NASA Robot

Control a viewing camera mounted at the end of a Robotic Arm on the International Space Station.

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