ScienceCast Distance Learning

ScienceCast Distance Learning

Does your school have distance-learning/videoconferencing capabilities? Then tapping into the world of expertise that the Perot Museum of Nature and Science has to offer has never been easier! Our engaging ScienceCast programs give you and your class the opportunity to interact with our knowledgeable instructors in real time as our TEKS-aligned programs capture the interest and imagination of your students.


All ScienceCast programs must be registered through Connect2Texas. Programs offered are scheduled on the Connect2Texas calendar, or we can schedule a specific session to fit your needs. When we create a session for you through Connect2Texas, you will receive an email that will guide you through the registration process.

If you have any questions about registration, you can contact the Perot Museum Reservations Department at 214.428.5555 x8 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm) or email

Once your class is registered for a program session, technicians from Region 11 Educational Service Center will perform a connection test of your school’s system to assure the systems will perform properly. Should any unforeseen technical issues arise, they will work to provide a solution to the problem.

Adapt to Survive

Ever wonder how snakes swallow their prey whole or why rolly pollies roll up into a ball? In this program, the instructor will use taxidermy specimens, skulls and a digital microscope to uncover the ways in which animals are both physically and behaviorally adapted to survive, and thrive, in their habitats.

Grade and TEKS Objectives:
Science TEKS:
1st – 2ae, 3b, 9ac, 10a
2nd – 2ae, 3b, 9abc, 10a
3rd – 3a, 9abc, 10ab
4th – 3a, 9ab, 10ab
5th – 3a, 9abc, 10ab

All About Earthquakes

Did you know earthquakes and volcanoes are related? In this ScienceCast we will discover how the same tectonic forces that cause earthquakes have the potential to create volcanoes. Students will learn all about the different types of plate boundaries, what types of waves are generated by an earthquake and the different types of volcanoes on Earth. Join us for some explosive fun!

Grade and TEKS Objectives:
Science TEKS:
3rd – 2adf, 3ac, 4b, 6ab, 7b
4th – 2adf, 3ac, 4b
5th – 2adf, 3ac, 4b
6th – 2ace, 3abcd, 4b, 8abc, 10acd
7th – 2ae, 3ac, 4ab
8th – 2abce, 3abcd, 4ab, 9ab
HS – 2fgi, 9ac, 10abcde, 11bce

Fire & Ice

This fiery, entertaining program showcases matter in a unique way. Your students will see firsthand how matter changes when we add and remove extreme amounts of heat. Fire & Ice covers states of matter, basic behavior of atoms and molecules, physical and chemical changes of matter and more!

Grade and TEKS Objectives:
Science TEKS:
2nd – 1ab, 2aef, 3b, 4ab, 5abc, 6a
3rd – 1a, 2af, 3a, 4ab, 5abc, 6a
4th – 1a, 2a, 3a, 4ab, 5ab, 6a
5th – 1a, 2abcdf, 3ad, 4b, 5abd, 6a, 10ab
6th – 1a, 2ab, 3ad, 4ab, 5acd, 6a, 9ab
7th – 1a, 2abe, 3ad, 4ab
8th – 1a, 2abe, 3ad, 4ab, 5e
HS Chemistry – 1ab, 3ef, 4ac, 11ab
HS Physics – 1a, 2ef, 3ade, 6efg
HS IPC – 1a, 3be, 3aef, 5ade, 6ac, 7ab

Monarch Migration

Monarch butterflies undergo one of the longest migrations on Earth! Your students will learn about the basic biology and life cycle of these amazing insects! Students will uncover the secrets to their navigational know-how, as well as what is causing the worldwide decline of monarch populations.

Grade and TEKS Objectives:
Science TEKS:
2nd – 2abf, 3bc, 9bac, 10abc
3rd – 2af, 3ad, 9abc, 10abc
4th – 2af, 3ad, 9b, 10ab
5th – 3ad, 9abc, 10abc
6th – 2a, 3ad, 12ef

Paleo at the Perot Museum

There is a world of fossils at the Perot Museum, from the remote tundra of the Arctic to our backyard in Dallas-Fort Worth. Connect to the paleontology behind recent fossil discoveries, museum exhibits and active museum research on polar dinosaurs and environments from Alaska.

Grade and TEKS Objectives:
Science TEKS:
3th – 9ac, 10ab
4th – 9b, 10a
5th – 7d, 10a
6th – 12e
7th – 13a
8th – 11abc
HS Biology – 7ab, 8ab, 11b, 12bf
HS Earth and Space Science – 8a

ScienceCast Career Café

Local area guests from a variety of STEM and museum professions will share what they do in their jobs and talk about their personal career paths. Guests will include professors from universities, leaders in industry and innovation, museum professionals, artists, scientists and community leaders. ScienceCast Career Café programs happen monthly, based on speaker availability.

ScienceCast Career Café programs happen monthly, based on speaker availability.

Grade and TEKS Objectives:
Science TEKS:
3rd – 3ad
4th – 3ad
5th – 3ad
6th – 3ad
7th – 3ad
8th – 3ad
HS – 3ad

ScienceCast Currents

Second Wednesday of the month, 10am CST

What’s the latest news you’ve heard in the world of nature, science and technology? Join us live from the Perot Museum as our staff members talk about the latest science news stories and bring guest speakers from the frontiers of science to talk about current research.

There is no TEKS listing for this program as it is developed differently each month.

Grade and TEKS Objectives:

ScienceCast Star Gazing

First Tuesday of the month, 1pm CST

Join the Perot Museum astronomy education staff for monthly updates that bring you the latest and greatest in space science news! Your students will also learn what to watch for — and when — in the skies near you.

Grade and TEKS Objectives:
Due to its topical nature, ScienceCast Stargazing may contain the following science TEKS:
4th – 8c
5th – 8cd
6th – 8bcd, 9a,b, 10a, 11abc
7th – 6a, 9ab
8th – 6abc, 7abc, 8abcde, 9c
HS Astronomy – various depending on topic
HS Earth and Space Science – 4abc, 5abcdef, 7b

ScienceCast: Systems, Cycles and Storms with FOX4 Meteorology Team

First Wednesday of the month, 1pm CST

We will explore weather and meteorology as a career, live from The Rees-Jones Foundation Dynamic Earth Hall with the FOX 4 meteorology team! Each month will showcase two meteorologists from FOX 4 as they cover monthly weather topics and how students can start a weather career from their backyard!

Grade and TEKS Objectives:
Science TEKS:
Kindergarten – 2abcde, 3bc, 8a
1st – 2abcde, 3bc, 8ab
2nd – 2abcdef, 3bc, 8abcd
3rd – 2abdef, 3d, 8a
4th – 2abdef, 3d, 8ab
5th – 2abcef, 3d, 8ab
6th – 2abce, 3d
7th – 2abe, 3d, 8a
8th – 2abe, 3d, 10abc
HS Earth and Space Science – 2gi, 3e, 5c, 6abcd 15a
HS Environmental Systems – 8abcde, 9d
Middle School Exploring Careers – 127.3, 127.4
High School Exploring Careers – 127.13, 127.14

Sudden Death: Prehistoric Extinctions

Ninety-nine percent of all species that ever lived on Earth are no longer alive. Sometimes many went extinct at once. Investigate the moments when life nearly died, including the mystery behind the mass extinction of most dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous Period.

Grade and TEKS Objectives:
Science TEKS:
4th – 6ad, 9ab, 10a
5th – 6d, 7d, 9abcd, 10a
6th – 12ef
7th – 5c, 8a, 9a, 10b
8th – 6ac, 9c, 11abc
HS Biology – 7abd, 11bc, 12 abcdef
HS Earth and Space Science – 7a, 8abc, 10f, 11e, 13d
HS Environmental Science – 4g

ScienceCast Distance Learning
Program Events

Adapt to Survive
All About Earthquakes
Fire & Ice
Monarch Migration
Paleo at the Perot Museum
ScienceCast Career Café
ScienceCast Currents
ScienceCast Star Gazing
ScienceCast: Systems, Cycles and Storms with FOX4 Meteorology Team
Sudden Death: Prehistoric Extinctions