Auditorium Programs

Auditorium Programs

Available at the Museum or at your school

Book an action-packed auditorium presentation to complement your curriculum. Auditorium programs at the Museum are available from September-February and June-August on Tuesday-Sunday and in March-May on Monday-Sunday. Outreach auditorium programs are available beginning the 2013-2014 school year. All auditorium programs are 45 minutes in duration and can accommodate up to 175 students at the Perot Museum or up to 250 students at your school.

Looking for more field trip learning experiences? Consider adding a classroom program or educational 3D film to enhance your school group's visit!

Electric Theater

Students will explore the world of electricity and magnetism through this highly interactive auditorium show with educator-led demonstrations supported by audience volunteers. This program offers a broad range of content for all age groups, with topics including: what is electricity, difference between static and current electricity, direct and alternating current, electromagnetism, conductors and insulators, plasma, circuits, transformers, Tesla coil, Ohm’s law and Joule’s law.

The presenter was a very dynamic and engaging speaker. The kids especially enjoyed the explosion and the light bulb trick. At this age, anything that explodes is cool!

Grade and TEKS Objectives:
2nd – 1ab, 2af, 3b, 4a, 6ab
3rd – 1a, 2a, 3ad, 4ab, 6abcd
4th – 1a, 2a, 3ad, 4ab, 6abc
5th – 1a, 2abcdf, 3acd, 4ab, 5a, 6ab
6th – 1a, 2ab, 3ad, 4ab, 6a, 9abc
7th – 1a, 2ab, 3ad, 4ab
8th – 1a, 2abe, 3ad, 4ab, 5ab
High School IPC – 1a, 2abe, 3adef, 4g, 5acdefg, 6abc
High School Physics – 1a, 2abcdef, 3ade, 4d, 5abcdefg

Fire & Ice

This explosively entertaining program teaches about matter in a unique way. In this educator-led auditorium program, students will learn how matter changes when it is heated up using extreme heat or cooled down using liquid nitrogen. Students will explore matter, states of matter, physical and chemical change, the difference between heat and temperature, and the properties of mass, weight and pressure.

The presenter was awesome! The kids said Fire & Ice was their favorite thing about our trip.

Grade and TEKS Objectives:
2nd – 1ab, 2aef, 3b, 4ab, 5abc, 6a
3rd – 1a, 2af, 3a, 4ab, 5abc, 6a
4th – 1a, 2a, 3a, 4ab, 5ab, 6a
5th – 1a, 2abcdf, 3ad, 4ab, 5abd, 6a
6th – 1a, 2ab, 3ad, 4ab, 5acd, 6a, 9ab
7th – 1a, 2abe, 3ad, 4ab, 5a
8th – 1a, 2abe, 3ad, 4ab
High School Chemistry – 1ab, 3ef, 4ac, 11ab
High School Physics – 1a, 2ef, 3ade, 6efg
High School IPC – 1a, 4be, 3aef, 5ade, 6ac, 7ab

Nature’s Extremes

Available beginning February 1, 2014, at the Perot Museum only.

From the dark ocean depths to the icy arctic, join us for an interactive, educator-led exploration of life at the extremes and the adaptations that wildlife in these and other extreme environments have to help them survive. Along the way, your class will learn about tiny tardigrades, gigantic dinosaurs and many more extreme animals!

Grade and TEKS Objectives:
2nd – 2af, 3bc, 9abc, 10a
3rd – 2a, 3d, 9ab, 10ab
4th – 2a, 3d, 9ab, 10a
5th – 3d, 9ac, 10ab
6th – 2a, 3ad, 12de
7th – 2a, 3ad, 10ab, 11b, 12a
8th – 2a, 3ad, 11abc
High School Biology – 3adf, 7e, 11b, 12abf
High School Environmental Systems – 3adef, 4bh

Super Hero Science

It’s a bird, it’s a plane — no, it’s Super Hero Science! Discover the real science of super heroes with this educator-led interactive auditorium show. Students will explore energy, forces and motion, smart materials, magnetism, levitation, x-ray vision, lasers and properties of light.

Super Hero Science covered the electromagnetic spectrum and color blindness and the different color receptors in our eyes. This was very helpful background information later in my classroom when we were talking about genetics.

Grade and TEKS Objectives:
2nd – 1ab, 2aef, 3b, 4a, 5abcd, 6abc
3rd – 1a, 2af, 3acd, 4ab, 5abc, 6abc
4th – 1a, 2a, 3ad, 4ab, 5a, 6ad
5th – 1a, 2abcdf, 3ad, 4ab, 5a, 6abcd
6th – 1a, 2ab, 3ad, 4ab, 5abcd, 6a, 8abc, 9abc
7th – 1a, 2ab, 3ad, 4ab
8th – 1a, 2abe, 3ad, 4ab, 5abcdf, 6abc
High School IPC – 1a, 2abe, 3adef, 4acdeg, 5abdeg, 6ab, 7abc
High School Physics – 1a, 2abcdef, 3ade, 4abcd, 6abcdefg, 7abcde, 8ab
High School Chemistry – 1a, 2abcdeghi, 3adef, 4ac, 6b, 7d, 11ab

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