Super Scientists

5-7 years

Perot Museum Blue Learning Lab
Early Childhood


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Entertain your brain outside the classroom

Who says your child’s learning journey ends at the classroom door? The Perot Museum of Nature and Science entertains brains around the clock! Focusing on science and nature, we offer educational enrichment classes to enhance your child’s learning through hands-on activities related to popular scientific topics and Museum exhibits. 

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Bugs by the Billions!

What kinds of insects and bugs are there? Where do they live? What do they eat? And who eats them? This program will give your junior entomologist the opportunity to explore the miniature world of all kinds of bugs with each new adventure. It’s a great way for kids to learn about the characteristics of insects, discover the wonder of metamorphosis, hear the buzz about the “bee dance” as a means of insect communication, and find out which insects are super important and which ones are considered pests! Whether your child thinks bugs are icky or awesome, this program offers an eye-opening introduction to the amazing world of tiny creatures that squirm, crawl or fly!

  • Frequency: 8 week session; one day per week

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Super Scientists
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