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Exclusive after-hours engagements for adults

A perfect date night or fun evening with friends. Discover the Perot Museum after hours, for a unique adults-only event filled with innovative experiments, current research, signature cocktails, dynamic performances, engaging discussions, amazing inventions and intriguing interactions, in a child-free environment.

Featuring signature drinks and electic food by Wolfgang Puck. Reserve tickets before they disappear!

August Social Science on sale now!

Presented by

Riveron Consulting

Note: general exhibits admission vouchers are not valid for this event.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the ticket price include alcohol and food?

    No. Alcohol and food can be purchased at an additional cost. The Café opens at 6pm to allow guests to enjoy a meal prior to the evening’s activities and multiple bars located throughout the Museum serve beverages and snacks. The Café and  bars accept cash and credit cards. Last call for the bars is at 10:15pm.

  • Does the ticket for the event include entrance to the traveling exhibition (if there is one)?

    No. The Social Science ticket only permits entrance to the event itself. If there is a traveling exhibition option, those tickets must be purchased in addition to the Social Science ticket. However, for your convenience, these tickets can be purchased as a combo package.

  • Do I have to arrive at 7pm?

    No. 7pm is the time the doors open and most activities begin, but there are lots of fun things happening throughout the night. The day of the event, we will send you a “Know Before You Go” email which will include the night’s schedule so you can plan your arrival time accordingly. Please note that some of the activities close at 10pm rather than the event ending time of 11pm.

  • Where can I park?

    The main Museum parking lot, located under Woodall Rodgers Freeway, is well-lit 24 hours a day. Once you park, there is a safe crosswalk to the north (away from downtown) that leads guests up the ramp towards the check-in for Social Science. Non-member parking in the Museum lot is $10 and member parking is $5. Social Science attendees can also take the DART train or any car service.

  • Is there a dress code?

    All we require is shirt, pants, and shoes. Feel free to get as dressed up as you want, or you can simply wear jeans and a t-shirt. Whatever makes you feel comfortable and ready to have some fun learning!

  • Do I have to be at least 21?

    Yes. This event is exclusively for those 21 and over. Upon arriving at Social Science, we will check your ID to ensure you are 21. Please make sure to have your ID ready upon arrival.

  • It appears tickets are sold out. Can I purchase tickets at the door?

    If tickets are sold out, we do NOT sell tickets at the door. We understand the frustration of not being able to purchase a ticket, but we strive to make these events enjoyable for all attendees by keeping the attendance at a specific number. When tickets for the upcoming Social Science sellout, tickets for the next Social Science event will go on sale and we encourage you to purchase those tickets as soon as possible.



Friday, August 5, 7-11pm

Texture, smell, roughness, sheen, color. How do you explore and define material? What materials interest you? Gold, silver, leather, stone, wood or fabric? Discover which materials catch your eye — and why — at this materially mesmerizing Social Science event that draws its inspiration from the myriad objects featured in our temporary exhibition, Eye of the Collector.

Presented by

Riveron Consulting

Supported by

Woodford Reserve
Please drink responsibly.

Explore the Perot Museum in a child-free environment. 

Scheduled Activities

Featured Talks 

7:15pm | Electronic Textiles and Smart Garments, Barbara Trippeer, University of North Texas Fashion Department
Join Barbara Trippeer and learn about the emerging opportunities within the wearable technology market, in terms of apparel and biomedical applications.

8pm | Woodford Reserve: 5 Sources of Flavor, Woodford Reserve
Join representatives from Woodford Reserve to learn more about their flavors and explore food pairing options.

8:45pm | 3D Printing Technologies, Dr. Edmond Richer, Associate Professor and the Robert C. Womack Chair for the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the SMU Lyle School of Engineering
See the new 3D printed technology the SMU Lyle School of Engineering is producing, and hear how these technologies can change the world of 3D printing.

9:30pm | Grain to Glass, Lakewood Brewing Co.
Get an in-depth look at how the different materials used in the production, packaging and service of beer can affect quality and shape the craft beer experience.

Featured Activity

Nano Material Lounge sponsored by Woodford Reserve
7-11pm | Lower Level Auditorium
Participate in multiple nano material activities and learn about the smallest science that surrounds us.

Woodford Reserve Tasting
Visit the Woodford Reserve Tasting Station to enjoy a sample and learn more about the iconic brand.
*Tickets for a sample will be handed out upon check-in. One sample per person.

Nano Material Activities
See how nano science works and affects our everyday lives, through a series of material based activities.

Investigate the hydrophobic properties of nano fabric and learn how it repels liquids.

Ongoing Activities

Nano Material Lounge sponsored by Woodford Reserve
7-11pm | Lower Level Auditorium
Participate in nano material activities and learn about the smallest science that surrounds us.

Clay Club with Oil and Cotton
7-10pm | Lower Level Landing
Observe artist Mylan Nguyen manipulate earth clay on a wheel to transform a mass of mud into a vessel. You are invited to pull, push, squeeze and lend your hand in the process!

Bubble Wrap Stomp
7-10pm | Lower Level, Moody Family Children’s Museum
Stomp away and pop some bubbles as you relive one of your childhood pastimes.

Wolfgang Puck Gastropub
7-10:30pm │ Café
No need to eat before you come; enjoy a unique gourmet dinner or just a bite, and even a cold pint in our gastropub!

Wolfgang Puck Bars, Featuring a Signature Cocktail
7-10:30pm │ Café, Plaza, Lower Level Landing, Lobby, Level 3 Lyda Hill Gems and Minerals Hall, Level 4 T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now Hall
Enjoy a signature cocktail or other beverage of choice at one of our Wolfgang Puck bars located throughout the museum.

Perot Museum Shop
7-11pm │ Atrium
Pick up a memento to remember your timeless night at the Museum.

Bottoms Up Bar
7-10:30pm │ Lobby
Watch your beer be filled from the bottom up!

Mix it Up with DJ Bradford
7-11pm | Lobby
Sip on a signature cocktail and dance the night away to the mixed beats of DJ Bradford.

Games on the Plaza
7-11pm │ Plaza
Grab a drink and a bite to eat, and enjoy playing a board game or two on the plaza.

Lakewood Brewing Co.
7-11pm | Lobby
Speak with the folks from Lakewood Brewing Co. about their beers, brewing locally, and the natural ingredients in their beers.

GIF Photo Booth
7-11pm | Lobby
Grab a disguise and make a moving picture to document all the fun you are having at Social Science! Tag your photos #SocialScience

Fabric Match-Up
7-11pm | Lobby
Can you identify what each fabric is simply by feeling its texture? 

Blubber Gloves
7-10pm | Level 2 Landing
Learn how certain animals stay warm in extreme temperatures.

Material Conductors 
7-10pm | Level 2 Landing
Find out if certain materials are conductors in a series of experiments.

Costume Materials with ICT MainStage
7-10pm | Level 2, TI Engineering and Innovation Hall
Meet a costume designer from ICT MainStage and learn how costumes are made, and why designers use the materials they do.

Building Challenges
7-10pm | Level 2 Activity Station, TI Engineering and Innovation Hall
Using the materials provided, what can you build? Do you want to focus on strength, aesthetics, or durability? The options are endless!

Friction Cars
7-10pm | Level 2, TI Engineering and Innovation Hall
Explore the force of friction as you see how wheels made of different materials affect how quickly a car moves.

Density Experiments
7-10pm | Level 3 Landing
Can you guess which objects are denser than others? Try out these density experiments to see if you guessed correctly.

Gem Talk with Local Collector Gail Spann
7-10pm | Level 3, Lyda Hill Gems and Minerals Hall
Engage with local gems and minerals collector, Gail Spann, who also owns a number of specimens in our Lyda Hill Gems and Minerals Hall.

Mysterious Water Suspension
7-10pm | Level 4 Landing
Discover the properties of air and surface tension in this fun experiment.

Texture Mysteries
7-10pm | Level 4 Landing
Can you guess the mystery object in the box or bag just by feeling its shape and texture?

Weave-In with Oil and Cotton
7-10pm | Level 4, T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now Hall
Observe the ins and outs of weaving with artist and educator June Covington. Add to our collaborative weaving and learn to make a loom from repurposed materials.

3D Printing Materials
7-10pm | Level 4, T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now Hall
Check out the material used in 3D printers and discover some of the amazing objects these machines can create.

Members Matter Exclusive Member Activity
Screen Printed Bandanas with the Perot Museum TECH Truck, powered by Dell
7-10pm | Lower Level Landing
Screen print your own bandana and proudly wear it throughout the night. 

Live science demonstrations throughout the Museum.

Reserve tickets before they disappear! 

Frequently Asked Questions


Friday, October 14, 7-11pm

Let your spirit of discovery soar throughout the Museum as you explore aviation in a whole new way during this uplifting Social Science event. Mix and mingle with birds, mimic their calls, and meet ornithologists who study the biology and behaviors of these amazing creatures. Then prepare for takeoff as you learn about the history of aviation, experiment with gravity, create your own flying machine and sip a delicious cocktail as you shoot the breeze with aviation experts.

Presented by

Riveron Consulting

Supported by

Old Forester
Please drink responsibly.

Activities will include

Take part in live science demonstrations throughout the Museum.

Explore the Perot Museum in a child-free environment. 

Plus signature drinks by Wolfgang Puck, eclectic food, live science and more! Reserve tickets before they disappear! 

Frequently Asked Questions

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