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Buy your tickets now for an event that includes local breweries, a murder mystery, forensic how-tos and more! Our newest exhibition, The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes, will be open for this adults-only event.   

A perfect date night or fun evening with friends. Discover the Perot Museum after hours, for a unique evening filled with innovative experiments, current research, signature cocktails, dynamic performances, engaging discussions, unique inventions, and more.

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Please drink responsibly.

Activities Include

Self-Guided Murder Mystery  

Gather clues and study evidence to solve the mystery! Travel the five floors of the Museum with surprises, clues and suspects at every turn.

Local Craft Brewing

With Franconia 

What turns sugar, water, malt and hops into your favorite beer? Debunk brewing mysteries with Franconia Brewing!

The Mysteries of Botany 

With Barney Lipscomb, Forensic Botanist

How can plants help us solve crimes? Learn about the unique tactics used by a professional forensic botanist. 

Plus signature drinks by Wolfgang Puck, eclectic food, mysterious activities and more! Reserve tickets before they disappear! 


In January guests discovered everything from animal physiology to digital animation, there’s more to the science of motion than meets the eye. Social Science: Animated, featured Guest Speaker Dr. Ed Lu, Chairman and CEO, B612 Foundation, and Former NASA Astronaut spoke about how he is leading the charge to protect Earth from asteroid strikes. Guests also got to tryout newly developed video games, learn hip-hop from dance troupes Gaudium Dance Movement and Essence of Motion , and create a zoetrope animated film.  Super Sonic Lips closed out the night with their experimental rock music. Get your tickets today to be a part of Social Science: Extreme on April 18. Where you can check out our new traveling exhibition, The World’s Largest Dinosaurs and uncover scientific extremes. It’ll be the biggest, baddest Social Science yet!

By day, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science certainly sees its share of field trips and family outings. But by night, our Social Science events provide a rare opportunity for guests ages 21 and up to experience everyday exhibits and exclusive programs in an adults-only atmosphere. So get ready to get hands on with an interactive exhibit — or leave your hands free to enjoy a signature cocktail. At Social Science, the choice is yours!

*Note: general exhibits admission vouchers are not valid for this program.

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