More Setting the Scene: The Weather

In the Field 2014

Other than the beautiful day the helicopter took Tony and the team to the remote camp, the weather so far has not been like the weather the day we arrived or even close to the way it was last year.  Since last Monday, it has been mostly cloudy, raining and chilly and a few times downright cold.  And yes, even some snow. The rain that I am talking about is not the kind of rain storm we get in Dallas with thunder and lightning and rain that starts fast, comes down hard and then passes through, but heavy grey clouds with consistent rain that varies from a light drizzle to a steady downpour and includes some rolling fog.

Perot Museum In the Field – Day 3 update from Tony from Perot Museum on Vimeo.

Tony and Yoshi introduce day 3 and give a shout out to Yuong who is in Korea and was unable to attend this year’s In the Field project. We miss you on this trip Yuong!

Perot Museum In the Field – Day 3 update from Yoshi from Perot Museum on Vimeo.

But really, for the most part, it has been lovely. Just different. Full disclosure, the rainy weather has been dotted with sunshine and blues skies here and there. When it is in the 50s and drizzling and one is prepared with the right kind of gear, the weather is perfect for hiking. There is very little sweat and discomfort.  At one point I thought to myself that this is perfect weather for running a marathon. It really was great exercise weather. And, to quote my mom, we are not made of sugar, so there is no risk of us melting from being out in the rain. And, albeit different, the scenery was certainly just as beautiful in the blowing clouds and fog.  But on one hand it does make it difficult to set up on a flat rock and type away for this blog.  But on the other hand I have now taken a photo of more than one rainbow.  Pretty surreal.  It was just two days (so far) when the wind kicked up, the cold came in and along with that snow flurries, that it was a bit challenging. But, the team persevered. More about this soon.

Rainbows in Alaska

Posted from Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska, United States.