A Thank You to WFAA Channel 8!

In the Field 2014

Quick recap:  you may recall that while we were in Denali for last summer’s Perot Museum in the Field 2013 that we communicated intermittently with WFAA Channel 8 via SKYPE and satellite phone, and shared some photos and videos and that, while we were gone, they used to provide some updates about our journey to their audience in DFW.  Although we had dreams to do more we felt comfortable starting there because we weren’t sure what to expect from a connectivity or technology standpoint this being only year one for me to tag along with the team to follow and document their journey. But, our dreams of doing more didn’t die!

As we planned for Perot Museum in the Field 2014, with the year one experience under our belt, we had a much better idea of what could be done.  Thanks to WFAA producer Meagan Harris our dreams for year two have come true!

A few blog posts ago I mentioned that WFAA photojournalist, Katrina Gutierrez, had actually joined us for a couple days in Denali to document our journey real time, up close and personal. I also included video footage for a couple of her resulting stories so I hope you saw those.  But given that they have done much more I thought I would take a moment to provide a fuller picture to date!

The coverage started for this year on July 7 when Marcus Moore met Tony at DFW airport to see him off.

Communication has continued throughout the trip with more SKYPE and satellite calls and more sharing of photos and videos with Jason Wheeler, Marcus and Katrina (and Meagan!) on the 5pm news on July 24.

And, Katrina and Megan have created and produced part one of Katrina’s larger story which aired last night, July 24, on the 10pm news.

Part 2 of the story is due to air during the 10pm news this coming Sunday night, July 27. Plus, we have more calls and interviews scheduled before we leave and hopefully even after we get home, so stay tuned!

If you would like to review the WFAA coverage since last year they have posted pretty much everything they have on their website so feel free to go check it out.  It is lots of fun and pretty interesting stuff!  You can start at this link and search from there:

Enjoy! And, thanks for traveling along on this journey with us!

Posted from Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska, United States.