Spike Camp Prep Day

In the Field 2013

bear cansToday is the day that all the preparations for the helicopter trip into the spike camp happen.

This includes things like laundry, errands and packing – but the term packing in this case means more than just clothes. First thing this morning Tony and I went to the Wilderness Access Office to pick up some bear cans.  Two cans for each person.

These cans are supposed to be grizzly bear proof. These cans have to hold all food and toiletries for the entire trip. That is anything that has a smell needs to be put into these cans.  Anything.  This trip is 5 days long.

Tony talks to us about packing the cans:


back country prep

Each person also gets two waterproof duffel bags and a back pack for everything else: tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, water pump, clothes, bear spray, first aid kit, etc. (Well, you know about all the stuff that needs to be packed! You saw the gear list I posted at the beginning!)

Plus, there are a few duffels to support the whole crew and carry “kitchen” items (like burners, pots, pans, etc.) and some generic camp gear.

Before we go to bed everything is packed and by the door so we are ready to leave first thing in the morning EDT: 8am.

Before that we make the call with WFAA at 6:30am.

Posted from Healy, Alaska, United States.