Finding More Hadrosaur Footprints

In the Field 2013

After lunch we made the final trek to the track site. This takes us about an hour. But the weather was still gorgeous.

I can’t really describe how rocky and steep this site is! Yoshi says it is about 45 degrees but walking up and down it feels more like 70 degrees to me!  It is wild.  Most of us are using trekking poles to help manage the climbing.

The discoveries begin almost the moment we arrive.  Again we spread out to make the most of the time.

Here is Yuong with one find: two juvenile hadrosaur tracks then another hadrosaur track, this time an adult.


Dan and Montana find a very pronounced juvenile hadrosaur track and tell us what steps are taken to document a find:

hadrosaur track
juvenile hadrosaur track


Here is Amy with a mold of a track she found

Amy with her mold


Posted from Healy, Alaska, United States.