To our members and guests regarding spring school group traffic:
Save time and avoid the lines! Purchase your tickets online. We’ll even scan tickets straight from your smartphone at entry. Beginning in March and continuing through the school year, school group traffic at the Perot Museum is at its peak Monday-Friday from 9am-2pm. Thank you for your patronage and support while we educate the scientists of tomorrow!

Sports Hall - Run Exhibit

The Sports Run Exhibit is a 55-foot interactive exhibit in the Sports Hall.

The Sports Run Exhibit is a 55-foot interactive exhibit in the Sports Hall where kids will be able to race Felix Jones of the Dallas Cowboys, Emily Richardson who is a WOGA Level 10 gymnast, a 3D life-size Tyrannosaurus Rex and a 3D life-size cheetah. 

900lbs of Creative is responsible for working directly with the Perot Museum and Science Museum of Minnesota, from concept to completion for all content on the Sports Run Exhibit. Solid pre-production meetings lead to a smooth production process from beginning to end. Technically, filming the live action athletes required a challenging setup of 12 HD cameras, 72 feet of green screen and a crew of 22. The Tyrannosaurus Rex was modeled and textured after a Jurassic Park maquette the museum has on site, while the Cheetah was modeled from research, photography and many discussions with the museum's curators.