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How the Perot Museum keeps the dinosaurs cool

A high-tech air conditioning system won’t draw people to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science the way dinosaur fossils or an earthquake simulator will.

Dinosaur Hunters Return For Field Season

The dinosaur hunters are back from this year’s field season in Denali National Park. Composed of researchers from Fairbanks, Japan, Korea and Texas, the team was helicoptered into wilderness in the Riley Creek area to look for footprints laid down 70 m

In the footsteps of dinosaurs, paleontologist puts Alaska on map

Long before tourists traipsed around Denali National Park there were dinosaurs, thousands of them, including a sickle-toed pack hunter who thrived in winter and big birds that may have migrated north from southern latitudes. That, anyway, is one picture o

Perot Museum to open animal anatomy exhibit in September

Before your kids ever crack open an anatomy book in science class, they'll have the chance to see the circulatory systems, muscles, organs and skeletons of approximately 100 animals in the Perot Museum of Nature and Science's first ever traveling exhibit, open September 22 - February 17.

New Perot Museum exhibit looks at animals from the inside out

Thus far, temporary exhibits at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science have covered the construction of the building and recycling awareness. For the museum's next exhibit, visitors can take a look at animals from the inside out — literally.