To our members and guests regarding spring school group traffic:
Save time and avoid the lines! Purchase your tickets online. We’ll even scan tickets straight from your smartphone at entry. Beginning in March and continuing through the school year, school group traffic at the Perot Museum is at its peak Monday-Friday from 9am-2pm. Thank you for your patronage and support while we educate the scientists of tomorrow!



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Handles all matters related to the annual audit and when necessary, the hiring of a firm to perform the audit; oversees in like manner the audit of the 401(K) program, and receives and follows up on any whistleblower complaints. Provides oversight of financial management and administration; advises the Board of Directors concerning policies and procedures for the financial management of the assets and administration of the Museum; prepares and submits to the Board of Directors an annual budget; reviews the Museum’s personnel policies and its benefit and compensation packages; reviews the Museum’s property and liability policies.


Reviews and recommends guidelines for the management and preservation of the Museum's collections; establishes policies for acquisitions, loans, conservation, insurance, and de-accessioning of collections; helps to define the scope and nature of the Museum's research program; be familiar with the Museum's legal and ethical obligations as they apply to anthropological and natural history collections.













Now merged with the Capital Campaign Committee, this committee builds and approves the Museum’s fundraising policies, plans, and financial goals; ensures all sources of funding are explored and incorporated into fundraising plans; provides oversight and active solicitation for all of the Museum’s fundraising activities including individual patron and corporate membership, sponsorships, annual gifts, government and foundation grants, the Campaign for Excellence, and special events such as Night at the Museum.


Recommends guidelines for the orientation and direction of the educational programs; reviews and evaluates the educational programs to ensure they fulfill the Museum’s mission, are of good quality and serve the needs of the community’s schools and other educational institutions; ensures that the programs serve the community’s diverse audiences.













Provides oversight of all investable funds; decides on new investments and reviews investment performance for all holdings; selects banks or other financial institutions as custodians of the Museum’s funds; chooses investment managers and/or oversees indexed funds; instructs Museum officers to make direct investments when appropriate; examines whether donated assets should be held as an investment or liquidated; monitors adherence to the investment policies


Reviews and updates organizational Bylaws and ensures adherence to them; reviews all contracts and legal; agreements before the Museum signs them; reviews the Museum’s property and liability policies; reviews the Museum’s human resource and personnel policies.











Periodically review the most recent strategic plan for the Museum to determine its continuing relevance to the Museum's mission; when appropriate, oversee a new strategic planning process; help determine major areas appropriate for inclusion in the long term planning goals; develop an annual plan for major area goals for the Museum over the following three and five year horizons, or longer, including specific metrics associated with those goals.


Works with the Director of Marketing to develop and monitor the Museum’s public relations, strategies and marketing plans; evaluates the Museum’s public image and monitors the activities that affect it.